Tangleroot Farm


Meet the Farmers

Adam Reed

Adam has been farming since 2010. He first managed a 150 member CSA on an organic farm in Boulder, Colorado and started Tangleroot Farm in 2013.  Now based in Essex, NY, Adam is close to his hometown of Saratoga Springs and is excited to bring his talents and love of growing good food to the area. When not in the field you can find Adam rock climbing, swimming in the river or being a general tangleroot handy man.  

Susan Cerny

I started Tangleroot Farm in 2013. My interest in growing healthy food began as a kid.  In my dad's giant vegetable garden, I was in charge of the herbs.  I was 7 when we moved from outside of NYC to upstate New York.  The garden was great:  fresh corn, squash, kiwis, sun -warmed cherry tomatoes, and countless other tasty treats that I fell in love with.  As I got older I realized that healthy food translates into healthy and happy people.  Farming is a way for me to contribute to the well-being of my friends, family and community as well as educate people about what real food looks like.  In past lives I've been a science teacher, an outdoor educator, and wilderness guide for at-risk teens.  When not in the field, you can find me teaching yoga classes, cooking farm fresh meals or hiking with my two dogs. 

The Farm
Tangleroot Farm is a 20 acre organic farm run entirely by two hardworking farmers in the beautiful Champlain Valley of Essex, NY with 2 acres in intensive vegetable cultivation. Our main field abuts 1000ft of pristine Bouquet River shoreline making our soil a sandy loam.  

We feed over 75 families through our 21 week CSA program. and our community of CSA members stretches from Essex, NY down to Saratoga Springs, NY with a variety of pickup locations to in between to choose from. You can also find our produce on the shelves of Healthy Living Market in Wilton and meet us at the Spa City Farmer's Market and Chestertown Farmer's Market from May through October. 

Our Farming Philosophy

Our vision is to produce healthy food with the least amount of ecological disruption possible.  This means no chemical pesticides or fertilizers and few mechanized tools.  Although we are not certified organic, we follow USDA organic growing guidelines and believe that we exceed these guidelines by using natural soil building techniques.  

believe farming is a way of life and as such operate without the use of a tractor and do most tasks by hand.  Some would say we're crazy, but we like it that way!  We know that extremely healthy, delicious produce comes from healthy, well cared for soil and focus a lot of our energy on soil stewardship techniques that naturally increase soil organic matter and biological activity (we love worms and good bacteria!), and decrease unwanted weeds.  By choosing a simpler way of farming, a more natural way of farming, we are healthier people and know we are doing what we can to add to the health of our community.  We grow over 200 varieties of in season fruits and veggies and are proud of the flavor and quality of all of them!  

1.  Summer Farm Stand: 1835 Rt. 22 Essex, NY
2.  Spa City Farmer's Market:  Sundays May-October, Saratoga Springs, NY
3.  Chestertown Farmer's Market: Wednesdays, June-September, Chestertown, NY

CSA Pickup Locations:
1.  On Farm-Essex, NY
2.  Spa City Farmers Market: Sundays 10-3 Saratoga Springs

3.  Glens Falls Music Academy: Wednesdays 1-5 Glens Falls
4. Rise Movement Arts:Wednesdays 11:45-5 Downtown Saratoga Springs
5.  Chestertown Farmers Market: Wednesdays 10-2

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