Tangleroot Farm

Tangleroot Farm
Tangleroot Farm provides local communities with the freshest, naturally grown produce through our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).  We believe that people should know where their food comes from, how it is grown, and be able to meet the farmers who worked hard to grow it.  No harmful pesticides, fungicides or fertilizers are added to our fields.  Conveniently located between Saratoga Springs and Glens Falls, we are now accepting members to our 2014 CSA!  Please visit our CSA page for more information on what we grow and how to join!

Attention!  Our 2014 CSA is now full.  To try some of our great produce, stop by the Spa City Farmer's Market at the Saratoga Lincoln Baths, Sundays 10-3.  Look forward to seeing you there!

1/4/14  Dreaming of Spring...

It is cold!  Adam and I are in total planning mode and with much less in the way of farm work, we are dreaming of spring to put all of our ideas into play.  There is, always, a lot of work, but for both of us, the best farm time is the ol' fashioned hands in the dirt kind.  We finished construction of our new greenhouse a few weeks ago and are still working on building the new and improved tables and germination chamber for our starts.  We'll be leasing another field this year and are so excited to expand our CSA and wholesale to a broader community.  

Things we're excited about for our 2014 CSA:  Larger portions of the staples.  Okay, baby eggplant are cute but lets face it, much less practical.  Last season we were inundated with these funky gems but week after week in a CSA,they get a little old.  We're really excited about beans and peas this year.  My fingers are aching already thinking about picking them all.  A variety of onions will be available every week and, although we were happy with our greens production last year, we are really excited about our weekly lettuce varieties and salad mixes.  We just finished our seed order and I went a little crazy with melons.  In addition to your standard musk melons, watermelons, and honeydews, we got some absolutely gorgeous heirloom types from Baker Creek Seeds.  If you're unfamiliar with Baker Creek, they are a fabulous company that travels the globe in search of the rare, the beautiful, and the most delicious varieties of heirloom plants.  

I often have to pull my head out of spring planning mode and back to the cool of winter.  No I can't have freshly picked tomatoes, or rest in the herb garden as the sun warms my body, but I've created countless delicious Jerusalem Artichoke recipes and my old lab, Mia, is in her element as she bounds and rolls in the snow.  Life IS good....
Eat well.  Be happy.

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